Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Truck!

Yesterday, I decided when I woke up, that I would go with the kids for a walk in the morning before it got too hot. I woke up at 8:30. To get us ready to go I....
  • Change Amaani's diaper
  • Change Ishu's diaper
  • Put Amaani in the crib upstairs (She's rolling now!)
  • Carry Ishu downstairs 
  • Go back upstairs and carry Amaani downstairs
  • Fix Ishu a bottle
  • Nurse Amaani
  • Pack a snack and bottle for Ishu on the road ('cause you never know with a toddler!) as well as paci's for both kids
  • Put Ishu in a high chair
  • Strap Amaani in her papasan.
  • Go into the garage to find the stroller mercifully out of the van... but without the seats attached.
  • Attach Ishu's seat to the stroller
  • Pause in garage to enjoy the silence
  • Open door to the sound of wailing children
  • Put Ishu in stroller seat, give him grapes to keep him quiet-- Wohoo!!! One done!!! 
  • Retrieve Amaani, buckle her into carseat.
  • Snap car seat into stroller. Woohoo!!!! Ready to go!!!! 

EXCEPT..... I forgot that I don't have socks or shoes on, and need to get my phone and a water bottle for me. 3 minutes later, at 9:45 we hit the road.

It's hot. Oppressively hot. By 10:00 both my kids looked like they were being dry roasted.  So, I stopped in a shady spot to let them cool off a bit before heading home.

 Then we spotted it. Jackpot! A big truck!!!  

The truck is in front of my old middle school!

The driver saw Ishu staring, and pulled the truck up real close and honked. Was it worth going out? Um... probably not. But it made our morning!  Thanks awesome FEDEX Guy!!!!


Really, things like this happen to us all the time. I'm so thankful that we live in a place where people are willing to take time out of their day to smile at a fussing baby, have a nonsensical conversation with a toddler or open a door for a haggard looking mother with a monstrous stroller. It makes the day go from bearable to enjoyable.

So the moral of the story is-- random act of kindness are nearly always appreciated (especially by mom's) AND don't leave the house between 10 and 5 in the summer if you live in Texas.

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