Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Dress

This is the first *real* dress that I've made Amaani-- I've done a few more, but those were just a bunch of rectangles sewn together.

This dress has a yoke, ruffled skirt, hem and trim! I measured and cut the dress without a pattern, and it came together really well.

We tried to have a photo shoot to show it off; but NOBODY was cooperating.
Miss Amaani was not happy at having to wear a dress right after her naptime snooze. This is pretty much the face she had in all the pictures. 

 What's our model looking at?

Why, these two crazies- of course!!!! 

Truthfully, it was so much fun to make, and pretty easy too! I did make quite a few mistakes:

1) The dress's back opening was too small originally. I ended just cutting the back completely open and turning in the edges right before she put it on. I'm going to install a hook and eye; but i haven't done it yet, so the neck is more gappy in the photos than it should be. You can see the back in this picture. (Kartik tied that bow!).

2) The print is too busy. I wish now that I had a contrasting hem or something to break it up.

3) I ended up having the dress completely sewn exept for the shoulder seams when I realized the armhole openings are too small to fit around my machine, so I can't put it together like an adult's dress. Blech... lots of rework. 

Just in case you got to the end of this post.... Here is the one smiling photo I got. 

Awww........ so cute!


  1. Aww so CUTE! This dress is so beautiful. Its hard to see any of the flaws outlined in the blog because your subject is too gorgeous! Share more updates of your lovely children.

  2. Thanks Roni! I'm just now replying to comments, but she is so smiley!


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