Thursday, June 9, 2011


From before I ever thought about starting a blog; I knew that I wanted to mass distrubute these photos. These are photos from a few weeks after Ishu was born. A few of my cousins came by to meet the baby.... And assemble some baby gear. 

Here is a shot of them when they realized that they might have made a mistake putting the swing together...


And this is when they tried to fix it. :)

It was a team effort.


I'm so looking forward to seeing all of you this weekend!


  1. You seem to have really 'smart' cousins. Didn't this come with manual? Does this work?

  2. Yes, it works. and they really are smart!

  3. If you ever decide to resell it, i think all of us should get a percentage of the sale, lol!
    just sayin...

  4. you all deserve it! Ishu never really took to it; but amaani uses it every single day! I'm so glad we have it; and it's assembled (correctly, that is).

  5. omg melts my heart :)


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