Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun in the (Evening) Sun

So... Guess who didn't get to see the Mavs game in real time?

Yup, Kartik was out in the yard having fun with the kids, while the DVR was recording the game.

Earlier in the summer Ishu and I planted a few squash and okra seeds in the weed patch outside our backyard door.  Ishu will go out to check on their progress and to water them with the hose almost every day.

Today, Kartik went out to supervise and it got a little crazy.

It's what I call a 'grandparent edit'. It's so long that only a grandparent would watch the whole thing. If you want to see more; there are extra bonus scenes HERE.

You can barely hear it, but Amaani's laughing every time Ishu brings the water near her. I'm always in awe when they play together-- it really is amazing, especially considering Ishu could barely walk when she was born. They really seem to be fond of each other; as if they are old friends.

The screaming in the middle is Ishu dumping water on his face by accident. You'd think he'd understand how the hose works by now, (ie, water comes out the end), but maybe in a few months.

Oh, and way to go Mavs!!!


  1. So when Katik drenches Ishu it's okay? Not cool.

  2. It looks like Ishu is drenching himself why is the adult being blamed?

  3. Heard Amaani giggle for the first time.
    This reminds me of you all plying with sprinklers on in bowie house.

  4. Awww... you need to come over more often! It reminds me of the Bowie house as well.


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