Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grow Squash Grow!

Earlier this year Ishu and I planted some squash and okra seeds in our garden-- um, I mean weed patch.

He really did help! I gave him a seed at a time, and showed him how toss it towards the dirt. You'd be surprised at how many times we missed. We waited and watered and waited some more. Finally we had little seeding.

We watched through the window as our little squash plants were pelted with rain and hail and gusts of wind last month.

We sang the squash grow song every time we were outside, so they wouldn't feel lonely.

 And today we finally have a squash flower!!!

I'm not sure how much of the process Ishu gets yet. I'm hoping this little plant experiment will translate into actual zucchini and crookneck squash so he can understand a little bit about where the food we eat comes from. I can't wait to be picking and eating squash in a few weeks!!! 


  1. cant wait until we get to do all these fun things with amaani!

  2. I cannot wait to get home from work and try this with my own children. Teaching them to care and love another living thing will surely help them grow and prosper in the world. Keep up the good work with your beautiful children!!!

  3. I know! She can plant stuff next year, but she will start eating in just over a month! So she'll be able to have this year's squash.


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