Sunday, June 12, 2011

In Sickness and in Health

We've been really lucky in terms of illnesses with the kids; but this weekend Ishu got sick again. He has a runny nose and sore ears we think. Since he's been sick, he's been getting to watch video's on the computer.

In case you want a pick me up; here are Ishu's favorites along with what he calls them.

  • Bicycle Rabbit -- Ishu's been obsessed with rabbits since he saw one in our yard.
  • Jungle Jungle -- This is the intro song to a TV serial Kartik used to watch growing up.
  • Om Jai Jagaswami -- I don't know when he became so interested in the Aarti-- it must be the fire. 
Today everyone took a nap together (well...except me, of course).

It's been a tough week sleep wise, with Amaani teething and Ishu not feeling well. Both of them were up late in the middle of the night a couple nights this week. We were lucky that Niki Masi (my sister) could come by and stay the night on Friday so we could get some rest. (Thanks Niki!!!)

Whenever one of them gets sick, I do feel terrible that they aren't feeling well, but also so very grateful that our biggest problems are a runny nose and a budding tooth.

Here's hoping for a better week!


  1. Hope Ishu feels better soon

  2. Its not fun to be sick especially when you are not able to communicate your discomforts verbally. Hope he feels better soon.


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