Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shirred Dress!

This is one of the first dresses I made Amaani. The pictures are terrible, but they are the only ones I have. It's super easy, any one with a sewing machine can do it! It's pretty easy to do on your own, but there are some neat instructions to make a similar dress HERE.

The body of the dress is from an skirt I found in my closet that still had the tags on (eek!). I feel so guilty when that happens and then you can't throw it out because it's still brand new.

That's my dad in this picture. A short story-- I love the look on on my dad's face. I couldn't crop it out. My 11th grade math teacher once told me, after meeting Daddy at parents night, "You can tell by his eyes how proud he is of you." And it's true! And when I look at this picture, I can tell how proud he is of his grandkids!

I used elastic thread to sew around the top of the skirt until the top part was Amaani-sized. Then I added straps cut from lace trim after sewing over them with the elastic thread. The ruffles and layers were already part of the dress.

So easy! Now there is one more dress in Amaani's wardrobe (which consists of mostly "boy" hand me downs) and one less item of clothing in my over stuffed closet. Win-Win! The whole thing is pretty stretchy, so I'm confident it will last all summer at least. Maybe even a top for next summer-- I should try it out on Ishu to find out.

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