Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk!

One of the things I've most looked forward to doing with my kids is arts and crafts. Pipe cleaners and watercolors-- for the most part Ishu is not ready to do them yet.

But we love sidewalk chalk! Ishu can draw anywhere as long as it's outside. He knows to hand me the chalk as he comes inside the door; and he asks for the chalk when he leaves the door.

Right now his world is full of so many 'NO's!' and it's nice to have a few activities where there aren't any at all.

These photo's are from his first day with sidewalk chalk; a few months ago.

He's a pro now! He can make lines and even circles (he scribbles round and round). It's a sign of exciting times to come!


  1. You never know.... Ishaan could be the 21st century Picasso.....

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  3. That's true! I should keep his drawings in case they become valuable in the future!

  4. He has finally figured out not to draw on the walls inside the house and still have fun with his "chalk outside". That's the best part if you ask me. :)


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