Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Which Baby is Which?

One benefit of having two kids so close together is that you barely have to put away clothes between kids! Amaani is out growing her clothes at an alarming rate-- pretty soon I'll be just moving them from one drawer to another. 

I thought it would be fun to pull some 'matching' photos. These are all from roughly 4 months old

Can you tell who's who? 
You can comment in the comments, if you'd like. 

A big hint is the hair (or lack thereof). :)


  1. it is actually really hard to tell - because they are so cute!!!! i subscribed and now i get little emails with any blog updates :)

  2. Only the last picture is hard to tell, first 3 its pretty obvious. U gave hint to look at hair, but it does not help us much. And 1st picture the hair is cutoff.

  3. Thanks niki!!! I'm so glad the email subscribing thingy is working.

  4. ishu, amaani, ishu, ishu, amaani

  5. Actually, it's ishu, amaani, ishu, amaani, amaani! I told you they look alike!


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