Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!!!

I’m so very lucky that my children have such a great dad. Mother’s often get a lot of credit, but anyone who’s spent even 5 minutes with our family knows that without Kartik, we all would literally fall apart. He is simultaneously the fuel and the motor that keeps our home running.
Kartik showing me Ishu after I got out of surgery

Kartik was not a baby person before we met… in fact, Ishaan was the first baby that Kartik ever held—just 20 short months ago.

Kartik's first birthday as a dad! (Ishu and I made that cake together!)
It’s been a 20 month long baby boot camp—Kartik has swaddled, rocked, changed diapers, swung, sung and bathed babies non stop for nearly 2 long years.

He also picked up the lion’s share of the ‘everything else’ that is our life when I was pregnant with Amaani.

Both kids are too young to understand what “Papa’s Day” is all about- in fact, I’m just now beginning to understand it myself.

I took this when Ishu was about a week old. You can tell Kartik is completely ready for fatherhood.

It’s not just recognition of sacrifice and a job well done—but a celebration of a new way of life. Here’s to fathers!


  1. best post yet!!!! happy fathers day kartik!!! some of the pictures didnt show up - maybe repost?

  2. I know! It's broke it (as Ishu would say). I'm going to try and fix it.

  3. Wow! These set up of pictures bring back some really fun moments of first 21 months of fatherhood. Thanks for the dedication.


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