Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We had a busy long weekend! On Friday we went to see Kartik's mom's sister who happened to have a lay over here at DFW. The kids did wonderfully on the way down to the airport.

After Kami Masi left for her flight; we decided to reward Ishu by letting them run around a bit at the airport. 

Airports are so great!!  It's hard, with two so young, to let them both out of the stroller when it's just me. When there are two adults, it's fun to let go a bit. We let Ishu go 'free' for a bit and he had so much fun exploring. There were big long hallways with floor to ceiling windows. It was like being in an air conditioned sidewalk

Ishu was so fascinated by the escalators. They spent a good 10 minutes just riding them! He was exhausted that he dropped off to sleep on the way home.

Kartik and Amaani took the opportunity to have a little Ishu-free one on one time. 
I love this picture on the lower right! Don't their smiles look so similar? Well, minus the facial hair....

It doesn't happen very often, so they made sure to have a great time! We we'll be sure to spend a little more time exploring on our next trip to the airport.


  1. I love those pictures of Kartik and Amaani! How cute! She looks so adorable!

  2. omg that picture is wonderful!!! she is such a smiley baby :) post apple pictures!!!!

  3. that lower right picture is so precious!!! ENLARGE and FRAME IT!!!! :)

  4. I know, I think it's so adorable! That's a great idea to frame it though!


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