Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Bunching!

I'm so excited! I have a guest post up at the BabyBunching blog. That website is all about having two in two years.

It was an invaluable source of tips and hope when I found out that I would be having two kiddos 16 months apart. Here were two mom's that not only survived it, but found time to write about it as well.

For me, being able to post up there, is huge!  I now have enough time (and brain cells left) by the end of the day to do a little extra. I have arrived! If you are curious, check out my 'article' HERE.

On a side note, it's come to my attention that some people (ahem... I mean you, Mommy!) are confused as to how to know when there is a new post here on this blog.  You have a couple of options:

1) Put an email address in the box on the sidebar.

2) Use Google Reader (or another RSS reader) to subscribe to the blog. You can do this by clicking the orange button in the sidebar.

3) Wait until everyone is talking about how cute the latest pictures of your grandkids are at dinner, and have someone pull up the blog for you right there at the table.

The choice is yours :). Again, I'm so happy that anyone at all is taking the time to read! Love you Mommy!


  1. aww is that a posed picture amaani??

  2. wait no! that has to be ishu!!! the couch is in a different place....

  3. Congratulations on the post Palak! You are so brave and strong!

  4. Yes! This is an old picture of Ishu-- he was about 7 months old. He does look like Amaani though, doesn't he!

  5. Thanks Aditi! I'm excited about it too!

  6. Awesome job on getting a post! Congrats!

  7. "Jai" may have some advice for you...although it may be rated R

  8. the baby bunching site isnt working for me ... but the article is wonderful! great job palak!!!

  9. I miss my nephew and niece, but have a great attachment to them through your blog Bhabhi. Don't know when I'll meet them but hopefully soon.

    --Luv, Hetu!


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