Sunday, July 24, 2011


A few weeks ago some of Ishu's favorite Masi's came to visit-- Rupa and Priya Masi. Ishu still remembers the weekend we spent with them. If we mention going to Super Dada's house, he still asks for Rupa Masi and Priya Masi (well mostly Priya). Kartik has taught him to say Priya Masi California! (which he pronounces Californ-eye-ay!)

For some reason my camera was acting up so I only got a few good pictures of them together. And Ishu was also acting up, so most of the photo's are of Amaani.

It was so wonderful to have them come visit! I can't wait until we can see them again!

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  1. piya and upa masi love ishu bishu and amaani lots. excepttttt let KB know he needs to step up his game in teaching Ishu 'rupa masi' and not just piya masi!!!!! Haha I have lots of pics of amaani as well, Ishu was being a little ancy whenever I tried catching photos of him. can't wait to see u guys again!


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