Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Niki Masi!!!

Today is my baby sister's birthday!!! 
She's 26 years old today!

Your brothers and sisters are some of the most lasting relationships that you will have in your lifetime. Hopefully, your sibling will weather your childhood with you, help you through your adulthood and then reminice about it with you in your old age.

Niki has always been there for me; whether it be helping me figure out what to wear in high school or helping me when my kids are sick. I admire her for so many things and never get the chance to tell her- so today I thought I'd make a list:

So gorgeous!
She is one of the most gorgeous people I know inside and out. Her smile is positively radiant! She has impeccable style and an eye for all things beautiful.

Niki wears her heart on her sleeve. Whether work, home, family, or friends you can always tell what she is passionate about-- people. 

Everyone who knows her knows that you can count on her for anything-- especially when things go wrong. She's dependable and loyal without an ounce of judgement.

When we are too exhausted with the kids she's the first person I call -- first for an ear to complain too; and then for a helping hand.  Niki has enough nurturing instinct to help me and my kiddos when things are stressful.
From her birthday last year
I'm so glad to use her birthday as an excuse to tell her how special she is; and how very proud of her I am! She's all grown up!

And as lucky as I am to have her for a sister; Ishu and Amaani are even luckier to have her for a Masi. She's changed diapers, woken up nights and wiped noses with the best of them. Ishu already asks about her at least once a day. She's well on her way to becoming the 'fun auntie'; and I can't wait until my kids are old enough to go for overnights at her place.   

Apart from being Independence Day, this weekend also marks the two week anniversary of Niki's engagement to Aneel! We are so very happy for them and send them our very very best wishes. Such an event definitely merits it's very own post, so I plan on having pictures and details posted tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Niki-biki!!! You deserve everything you wish for!!! 



  1. I love this :) Seriously made me tear up, lol. sisters are the best, it only makes me anticipate how Priya and I will be when we're older and have kids of our own. Keep the posts comin'! :)

  2. Awww... Thanks Rupa! You and Priya are so grown up and have a great relationship already! It was so wonderful to see you-- Ishu talks about peeya masi, and has learned how to say Cayeefornia. I can't wait to see ya'll again!

  3. agreed rupa - i def had some tears!! niki masi is SO lucky to have such an amazing sister and brother and now the two cutest babies EVER in her life!!!! thank god i moved back :)

  4. Those pictures of Ishaan look so different compared to what he looks like now! I wonder what Amaani is going to look like in a year! It's amazing how fast they grow up!

  5. I know! Having two so close in age makes it really noticeable how quickly they grow. kartik was just saying that right now amaani isn't even babbling, but in a year she'll be asking guacamole by name!


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