Monday, July 11, 2011

Potty Training

ahem. I mean potty learning.

The war has begun; and we have lost the first battle.

We started putting Ishu on the potty when he was about 6 months old-- when he started sitting up. For a while, he would reliably go. Then he abruptly stopped sitting on it a few months before Amaani was born.

We've tried so many things-- even having Ishu's best imaginary friend-- (sheep friend) go to the potty. I put the puppet on the potty and make ummm... the appropriate noises while Kartik uses slight of hand to drop black channa into the potty.

Now he can tell us before he goes, but absolutely refuses to sit on the potty. We tried taking off his diaper all Saturday, but he just won't go until we put a diaper back on!

We've decided to give it a rest for now, but I'm hoping we didn't leave the potty training too late.

Any tips would be welcome!

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  1. This post is hilarious. All the things we tried that weekend. Still no luck. :(


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