Monday, July 25, 2011

Potty Training.... The War Continues

iWe've enlisted a new ally in our war against the diaper with Ishu. Well two allies, really. First is the book "Once Upon a Potty"-- which is a child appropriate, but anatomically correct how-to manual for pottying. The second is my dad.

Ishaan  has always had a soft spot for my dad (the feeling is mutual, I suppose), sparing him the worst of tantrums; and giving at least reluctant compliance to most of 'Dada's" requests. So one day when they were over, I asked my dad to ask Ishu to sit on the potty. Ishu ran out of the bathroom, and into a neighboring doorway and slammed the door on my dad's face. PottyNO!

A few days ago, we asked my Dad to read a bit on of Once Upon a Potty to him (we've changed the name to Jai in hopes that Ishu would more readily identify with him)

Oh well... I'm sure we will be in diapers for a while. We really aren't pushing pottying so much, but it would be nice to only  have one in diapers!

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  1. Hahahaha this is so cute. Ishu looks like he's realllyy enjoying the 'bye bye' story, lol. He looks so big already since the last time we saw him. stop growing up, Ishu!!!!


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