Friday, August 12, 2011

The Great Outdoors!

Unlike their mother, Ishaan and Amaani love being outside. So... the 110 degree weather these past few weeks is just killing us. They can't go outside at all! The heat sets in at about 10 am, and it's hot all day long and all night long.

That means that they are in the house all day long and all night long. Amaani is ok with it, the living room is plenty large for her to stretch her tiny little legs. But Ishaan needs room to run around. We end up taking him to the mall (or Grandma's house) get his energy out. But I can't wait for better weather! To that end, I'm posting a few pictures of them at the playground from a few months ago.

This is a picture of Ishu pushing Amaani's stroller. He's such a helper, and he wants to do everything that Kartik does.

This is Amaani's first ride on the swing (Click it! It's a video!):

Just for comparison, this is Ishaan on the swing when he was about Amaani's age.

These are a few pictures of Ishu in the backyard from months ago!

He looks so small!!! Hopefully it will cool down a bit in the coming weeks for us to go and enjoy the outdoors again!

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