Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ishu Got a Haircut....

Hopefully my family will remember that song. (Amy needs a haircut; she really needs a haircut).

I've been cutting Ishu's hair since he was born. He's suffered through some pretty horrible haircuts. Previously all his haircuts have been 'chilli-bowl' style; but this time I tried doing a clipper cut without the clippers. Basically, cutting length from the top and back of his hair, instead of just his bangs.

Here is the before....

And after! 

The front (I don't know why he's making that funny face).
I need to work on his bangs a bit.

And the back! I'm especially proud of this part. 

He looks so much older now! This is the best haircut of Ishu's I've done so far. See for yourself:

When I started writing this post, I thought it would be difficult to find pictures where Ishu's hair was messed up; but it was surprisingly easy. In my defense, some of these haircuts aren't directly my fault. That picture of him going bald in the third row? He started going bald himself.

Well... at least I'm getting better and not worse.


  1. Oh boy! These are hilarious. I didn't realize we had so many pictures with bad hair day.

  2. They are terrible! What are we going to do with Amaani's hair? When it starts to grow, I mean.

  3. All these hair pictures are so funny!


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