Friday, September 9, 2011

Flashback Friday:New Jersey/New York Trip

I have never posted pictures of our trip to the east coast last summer... becauase I didn't have blog back then. We were so nervous when we went that we tried to plan out every little bit of the trip. We ended up having a blast; and Ishu got to meet relatives that he had never seen before.

It was an exciting trip for all of us! Ishu did really well on the way there and back. He started crawling in earnest while on that trip; and I remember chasing him for the first time while at Dinesh Kaka's house! (Now it's a daily occurance!)

We still talk to everyone and miss them alot; but they don't get a lot of play here on the blog since it's hard for them to take pictures with the kids from so far away.

So many Aunts and Uncles! And Great Aunts and Uncles... I'm not naming names; but you know who you are. These are of my Dads brothers and his kiddos. 

 These darlings are Kartik's cousins kids... so adorable!!! This was Ishu's first experience sharing; and he did well. I was in my second trimester with Amaani; so I was really examining the sibling dynamic at Sheetal's house. Chaotic; but I was reassured that everyone was still alive.

And, of course Sonu Foi, Chintan Fua and Mina Foi (Ba?). Chintan Fua was kind enough to give us a tour of New York City; including all the bridges and the Flat Iron building. (Which; for all us desi girls with wavy hair, looks just like a hair straigtener!) Those top pictures are from the empire state building. Driving around a 10 month old and a tired pregnant lady in the city is no small feat; so please accept a belated thank you!
Doesn't he look adorable! That was his first and only tooth when we went on the trip!

The whole area has been having a rough time of it lately-- so if you are out enjoying the 70 degree weather we've been having in Dallas; send some good weather vibes (and anti-earthquake vibes) to our relatives on the east coast. They need it!


  1. Ishaan looks so small compared to what he looks like now!

  2. I know! In fact; Amaani's about that size now. I can no longer lie to myself that he's a baby-- he looks; acts; walks; and talks like a big boy now.


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