Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Can't Belive It's True...

Our little Ishu's already two!

Ishu's first picture with grandma. He was so tiny!

Ishu's second birthday came and went; and now Kartik and I are parents of a little boy instead of a little baby.

Ishu talks in whole sentences now; picks up songs quickly; scolds Amaani (as well as encourages her). He can have an entire, nearly intelligible conversation on the phone by all himself. He can climb up and down the stairs and take long walks without getting tired.

He can help! He helps load the dryer and unload the dishwasher. He can help clear the table and change diapers. He helps entertain Amaani when she's crying, and makes her laugh when she's in a god mood. Just today he was helping my dad butter bread and Kartik's already teaching him to take out the trash.
This is Ishu and I shopping for Kartik's first birthday dinner as a dad. (Cake, pasta and salad, if you are wondering.) Funny story... After this trip, Ishu would not go back into his car seat. I accidentally left the car running to long; and had to ask Kartik to come get me; and explain why I had snuck into walmart instead of going to Ba's like I told him. 

 He sleeps in his own room now; and no longer needs to be rocked. (I never thought that day would come!). He doesn't wake at night for the most part and has totally weaned from both breast and bottle. He now asks for dozens of food by name; and the last time he was in a restaurant he had his own plate. (Tex mex, of course)

When Ishu was small he used to cry at the scent of a stranger! He'd be hysterical from the time that someone walked into our home until you could hear them driving away. Now he can name every member of the family and likes and plays with most of them. (Sorry Nilesh Mama).


Best of all has been seeing Ishu become a big brother. He amazes me by how gentle and caring he can be toward his sister. I know for a fact that he could not have learned this much about being a big brother in two short years. I'm convinced these two knew each other from before.

Ishu, I'm so proud of you and love you sooooooo muches with a cherry on top! Happy Birthday!

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  1. Wow, its been 2 years already. They grow up so much. Nice post dating back to when he was newborn.


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