Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a Party!!!

We were very fortunate to be able to celebrate Ishu's birthday with our friends and family this last weekend.

Not only did we have our usual gang from Dallas, but Ishu also had some Aunts, Uncles and Ba's fly in for the weekend. (More on that next post!)

We had lots of balloons, streamers and posters. Ramila Foi, Mina Foi and Sonu Foi decided to decorate instead of touring downtown during Ishaan's nap, so he could wake up to a birthday bash.

We didn't really have a party theme. But Kartik came up with a great idea to put trucks and cars on Ishu's cake (everyone knows how much he loves trucks!) The only problem was that we only thought of it the morning of. The cake ended up looking more like a scene from Fast and Furious; complete with helicopter and news van. Thanks so much for everyone who helped-- My dad bought the little cars; and Chintan Fua served as head sous chef by making sure that all of the leftover cake filling was properly disposed of.


They both had a blast, and I"m so thankful for everyone who came out! It means so much that everyone would take the time to celebrate with us.

 Check out Ishu and Nimesh Mama's moves! This is what get's the ladies!

Everyone had so much fun at the party but afterwords they were all tuckered out. Here is Amaani having a post party snooze.

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  1. Cake looks delicious. Ishaan looks so grown up in his long sleeve shirt. Amaani looks adorable in her pink/gray dress.


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