Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Long Time, No See...

Eeek! I have to start off with an apology... things have been so crazy as of late that the blog has gone neglected for weeks.

So much to talk about; so little time to blog. This month has been fabulous! Kartik and I have graduated from 2 under 2-dom; (hopefully it sticks!); done some house renovations; hosted some out of towners and had a party. We also made a surprise purchase that will mean great things for the blog (any guesses as to what? See the hint below). Stay tuned in the coming days for September recap posts.


  1. These photos look bigger then older ones, new camera maybe?

  2. Definitely a new slr camera... what lens did you get?

  3. What a great investment! (assuming you totally got a slr) the pictures are very " pritty pritty" :)

  4. Parag, Rupa, you can tell the difference? We did finally take a leap and got a SLR. Canon T1i.

  5. Yeah, we did! I'm so excited! Parag, we still have the kit lens but I'm thinking about getting the 50mm 1.8.


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