Friday, October 21, 2011

Pizza Night

Pizza night has been a tradition in our home since long before we had kids. 

It's fresh, guilt free, and we can customize it for each person. So I can have a garlic, olive and feta cheese mediterrainian pizza and Kartik can have all the mushrooms he wants. 

Kartik and I settled into a division of labor a few years ago-- I make the dough, and he rolls it out. We both cut toppings (and munch on them along the way) and pop that baby in the oven.

Amaani vs. Olive

Last week we had to add another helper to our routine. Ishu is now our tiniest sous chef! He helped wash the veggies for all of us, make the dough, and even patted out his own little pizza (with Papa's help). 

Pizza making requires quite a bit of taste testing

And here we have it! Ishu's very first pizza! (He chose olives and tomatoes.)

Hmmm... I'm getting kind of hungry. Anyone want to come over for pizza tonight?


  1. Palak, Pizza really looks Yummi! But best thing I like about the blog is title picture with Ishu and Amaani. They look so cute. Everytime when I get the new blog, I look at the same picture again and again and keep admiring.

  2. that baby pizza is so cute!!!

  3. the mushroom shot is amazing
    good work with the new cam!


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