Thursday, October 6, 2011

Car Seats Are So Safe and Fun!

....And that's why all babies should be in one!

This is how Ishu looked when we put him in the car for the first 12 months of his life.

No one knows a child better than it's parents and I believe that the vast majority of parents try to make the best choices for their families.

No texting while driving! Have your baby do it!

That being said... I'm hijacking the blog today to talk about car seats. Amaani is getting really uncomfortable in her infant seat; and much prefers Ishu's current seat.

So we are in the market for a new seat for Ishaan. We are shopping for a seat with a higher rear facing limit-- that's right; he's still going to be backwards. My goal is to keep him rear facing for as long as reasonably possible. When he was born, rear facing car seat weight limits only went up to 35 pounds, but this year you can buy seats that go up to 40 and 45 pounds.

HERE is a good video explaining the benefits of RF complete with crash tests. The video mentions the 1 year 22 pound limit to turn kids around-- which was the rule when Ishu was little. Now the AAP is recommending keeping kids rear facing until they are at least 2 years old.

HERE is a link explaining the difference between an adult and child's bodies in a car crash. It's a interesting well explained read; even though it's a bit long.

They grow up so fast! Already driving a car!

Here are a few FAQ that I've heard since Ishu's gotten a bit older:

Doesn't he get uncomfortable? Ishaan can still fit in the seat with legs crossed and doesn't really complain. I've noticed he crosses his legs when he sits most places, so I'm not to worried.

What if he breaks his legs? I hope we never get in an accident, but I'd rather risk his legs than his spine.

Doesn't he want to look out the window? Ishu loves looking out the window at the trucks, busses, cars and anything we might pass. He just has to turn his head.

But you can't see him!!! How can you talk to him?  This is a bonus! I need the break. Just kidding! Kartik has installed these really handy mirrors so I can see both kiddos when driving. That being said, I try really hard to keep my eyes on the road.

This is something that I never would have thought about if our pediatrician hadn't brought it up, so I worry that other's may have not heard of the benefits. Riding in the car is probably the most dangerous thing we do with our kids each day and I'm so thankful that we are able to do this simple thing to keep our kiddos safer in the car.

I know only a few of those who read this blog have their own kiddos; but I know all of you have little people in your life that you love. Consider just mentioning extended rear facing or forwarding these links to the car seat buyers (aka mom, dad and grandparents) in their lives.


  1. Redesigned blog looks good. This post is scary. I feel like you should not take them driving ever. Very informative.


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