Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Garba Outfit

With all that's been going on lately; I hadn't gotten a chance to sit down with my sewing machine in a great while.

Last weekend my Kartik mentioned that there was garba going on at the temple; but that it was late that  night-- starting at about 9. I knew I wanted Amaani to wear something comfy, so I got the idea to 'whip her up' a quick, comfortable chaniya choli out of a skirt that Mina Foi had given me ages ago. How hard could it possibly be, and how long could it possibly take?

Ugh! I ended up spending quite a bit of time on it. Sometimes poeple ask me how I find the time to make things with two young kids. The truth is I don't. I don't find the time. The time is generously gifted to me by my husband.

In this case, I could see the skepticism on his face when I assured him the dress would only take an hour. I had planned for a full gather skirt, and a shirred top like the white dress I made earlier this year. When I took it down to show Kartik 2 hours later, it was clear that it looked like Amaani was wearing two skirts, instead of a top and skirt.

At that point, I became kind of nutty, hacking and sewing the top without a real plan. Kartik ended up having to feed, bathe, and get the kids dressed for garba on his own, while I ran up and down the stairs like a crazy person. I was still cutting threads off the dress while he was getting the kids into their car seats.

In the end, I think it looks pretty cute-- but it was 10 am the next day before I realized that she had no chunni! Most importantly though, is that it's super comfy.

So comfortable that you can wear it for dancing....

And for playing...

That's a toy Riksha. So cute!

I love the way the skirt looks paired with one of Ishu's old t-shirts. I wore the origional skirt with a t-shirt at my mehendi party, so I guess it reminds me of that. 'Maani rocks it better than I ever did, though! 

How was the garba, you ask? Well... you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out :)

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  1. wow looks so good! can't wait to see her in person!


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