Monday, October 10, 2011

Hook 'em!

 The Texas OU game has been a tradition in our little family since before we were a family! This is the 10th game day that Kartik and I have been together for... But our very first with two kidlets.

Every one woke up this morning and got dressed in their burntest-orange with high hopes for an exciting game.
Unfortunately, all did not go as planned, and Texas ended up losing badly. Frowns all around.

 Ishaan was obviously shocked and dismayed.

 We were excited that Aakash Kaka and Aneri Kaki were able to come over-- especially me, since I was able to escape with Aneri and go shopping! We didn't actually get to see the end of the game, but came home to two miserable looking guys sitting on the couch (both kids had gone to sleep).  Here's hoping that next week goes a bit better.

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