Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ishu's First Garba

With all the going-ons lately, the pictures of Ishu's first Garba have been pushed back a little on the blog. Unfortunately the pictures from Ishu's *actual* first Garba have been lost, so these are actually from the week after that.

Ishu had such a good time the first weekend; but the late night was just too much for Amaani. So when we were invited to garba the next weekend; Ishu and Kartik went stag, and Amaani and I relaxed at home. You can see from the photos that Ishu absolutely refused to wear any of the Indian outfits he has.

But his lack of style didn't stop him from dancing. Ishu did Raas, and now he even claps and says, "theen thali!!!". He loved the garba, and didn't want to leave, until Kartik dragged him out at nearly 1 am.

Aaaah... a snack before sneaking home. Remind anyone of the Garba's *we* used to go to in college?

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