Monday, October 3, 2011


We were so lucky to have some awesome guests come over last weekend. Sonu Foi, Chintan Fua, Mina Ba, Ramila Ba and Ba suffered through delayed (and missed) flights and bad weather to spend some time with us and meet Amaani for the very first time.

We so very much enjoyed having them over. Because we live almost exactly where I grew up we spend a lot of time with my relatives. It's a real joy to see Kartik in the hot seat with people from his childhood for once! He may not say it much; but I know he misses them and loves when they come to visit.

Sonu and Chintan are so sweet to be around; and are great with kids! And it was a wonderful to have the adults outnumber the babies in the house for a bit.

We missed Ankita, Tulika and Hetu from Atlanta; but I was so excited that Ramila Foi was able to come visit. She is great at telling stories and had Ishaan and Amaani mesmerized by singing "If you're happy and you know it". It somehow doesn't work when I do it.

Ishu and Amaani loved hanging out with Ba and Mina Foi. The house seems so empty without everyone (and the kids so much more draining!).

I hope that everyone had as good a time as I did; and that we are able to do it again very soon. (and often!)

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  1. Nice pictures. Good to see that kids enjoyed the weekend with family.


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