Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2 Little Monkeys; Sitting on the Steps...

The holiday season snuck up on us this year. Between Halloween and Diwali being so close together, and the family being under the weather; I felt a little as though I was scrambling for my first real holiday season in the 'mom role'.
What am I supposed to be doing, again?

This is actually my third holiday season after Ishu was born; but for the past two years I wasn't really feeling up to much (the first I had just given birth to Ishu, and the second I was about to have Amaani).I didn't spend much time trying to create very many holiday memories those years-- instead I was just trying to keep up with all the BABY that had just entered my life. 

This year was different. I suddenly understood why people do holiday crafts; or spend time decorating the house with deevas, pumpkins, rangoli and fake cobwebs. Now that I have kids, I want to be able to create traditions for them that hopefully, they can take with them out in to the world.

This year I found myself a bit unprepared and frazzled; but I'm so excited about how everything turned out! I'm already planning ahead for next year's festivities!

I'm working on posts to share all of the pictures from the last week... but here is a little teaser of our two monkeys.

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