Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amaani vs Theplu

You have been warned... this post contains a lot of open mouthed eating. I wouldn't read it on your lunch break.

Although 'Mani has yet to cut a tooth, she's becomeing an eating expert. I guess since it is the second time around; Kartik and I are much more adventurous in what we give her.

We even bet each other to see what foods she can eat wihtout spitting it out. So far the only things she hasn't managed to eat are whole almonds and acorns that she finds. (We didn't give her the almonds... or the acorns for that matter-- that was Ishu.)

Can she eat all of it?

She loves bakhri, roti and thepla (spelling?). The other nice thing is that since I'm not pregnant this time around, I can actually make food for her without retching. When Ishu was this age I was smack dab in the middle of my first trimester with Amaani.

Still chewing...
As a mom, it's so wonderful to see food that I made eaten so enthusiastically. She makes sure that she has food in both hands and then bites from alternate hands. Somehow she manages to chew it (or gum it) until she can swallow it.
Looks like she got all of it in!


  1. Amaani is winning. She is too cute. She is enjoying herself. Very impressive what she can do without teeth.

  2. Luca is into double fisted eating too! They're so silly :)


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