Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our First Diwali

Our Diwali celebrations weren't as festive as I had envisioned. I purchased some electric tealights and hid them away just for Diwali. Because Ishu loves to do Aarti and everything else having to do with shiny stuff; I had the bright idea that Ishaan, Kartik and I could put candles around the house before bedtime on Diwali night.

Kartik and I were so excited because we thought that Ishu would be so excited. He loves lights, he loves hiding things, he loves things that turn on and off- this was sure to be a hit

I had been prepping Ishu about this for a few days by telling him the story of Ram and Sita, and explaining how we were throwing a 'Welcome Home' party. He seemed to get it; and he would even say "Welcome Home, jayjay bunghan!"
He was excited about the lights except when it came to actually putting them in the windows. No... our little hoarder wanted to keep these all to himself. He ran around our downstairs collecting all of them and coralling them on the sofa.

Whatever happened to the spirit of the season? In the words of Ishaan "It's my, Mama. It's my!". (I think he means 'mine'.) 

We did manage to put the lights back up after he went to bed; and I admit that it felt very nice and festive to have the warmth and battery charged glow of these electric candles around the house. Next year, I expect things will go a little smoother, and I imagine that I'll be missing these days of toddler chaos.
Happy belated Diwali everyone!

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  1. And when Amaani gets older, you two can do the colored rice decorations together. I bet that would be lots of fun :)


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