Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

This year Kartik and I decided to do 3 pumpkins! I think we've been carving since we moved into the house; but this year we finally showed Ishu how it's done.

First you wash the dirt off the pumpkins:

 Then you examine the pumpkins and wait for your creative muse to strike. This year we went with a Batman logo; a Longhorn and an Om.  The first two were copied off the shirts we happened to be wearing at the time.

After that, go ahead and sketch the design with washable marker. 

Amaani is a stickler for perfection; she was making sure that my Longhorns horns were long enough.

Cut out the shape carefully with a knife. Then  scrape and scoop the pumkin seeds out of the inside of the pumpkin.

 Ick! Ishaan wouldn't put his hands inside the pumpkin, so I did it.  He used a spoon.

When you're done, come on in out of the shade.

And enjoy your beautiful pumpkins.


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