Monday, December 12, 2011

An apple a day....

 Our little 'Mani was sick last week.   I woke up late Friday night and realized that she was burning hot. We've been lucky so far with very few sicknesses for both the kids; but that also means that I still panic when the temps start hitting the 100's.

 Since we were up all night; my parents came and took Ishaan in the morning. (Did I mention that my parents are awesome? I called them at 7 am when Ishaan woke up; and I swear by the time I said, "Mommy, I need your help", they were already in the car. They, along with Niki and her fiance Aneel dropped everything and babysat for the rest of the weekend). Amaani stuck on Kartik like gum on the bottom of a desk for the rest of the day.

Here she is eating yogurt-- I had the pleasure of having that puked on me an hour later.  Twice.

Unlike Ishaan, Amaani was just very, very lathargic when she was sick. We could barely get a smile out of her. She didn't even have a bit of that theplu that my mom sent.

Not to worry, though.... she's fine now. She's active, and back to causing trouble. This was taken on Monday:

We cannot keep her in her highchair-- she just wiggles out!
I know this is the first of many colds and stuffy noses that we'll weather with her, but I am so thankful for the good health that she does have.

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