Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holding Hands....

I've long lamented that I can't get a picture of both my kids in the same frame. At first, Ishaan could barely be near Amaani, and now they can't share a square yard without fighting ("s/he's poking me!!!")

A few weeks ago, I took my new camera out to a field nearby our home with both kiddos to kill some time.

I told Ishaan to sit with Amaani in the grass and hold her hand so she wasn't scared. I'm a genious! They actually played well together for a whole 10 minutes. 

I'm not crazy about how the pictures turned out techinally, and I'm certianly not loving Amaani's diaper showing, but I do feel like I was able to capture how sweet they can be together.

The cuteness actually lasted quite a bit; even after Ishaan decided that this holding hands business was boring. He decided it was far more fun to throw grass in Amaani's hair. 

Luckily she thought it was pretty funny...

I have a lot to learn about my camera, but I'm glad it gives me an excuse to get out and play with these two munkins.


  1. It is really nice to see both of them playing and happy together. I think it is reflection of time to come. It will be really great.

  2. Aww...this is so adorable....they are so cute...holding hands and throwing is so great to read your blogs Palak...I so look fwd to them :)

  3. Just how brothers and sisters should play..... Grass is better than Orange juice!


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