Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Amaani Girl!

The past year since our sweet Amaani came into our life has flown by; yet somehow it's difficult to imagine a time without her.

 In the past year; she's gone from the teeniest; tiniest babies I've ever seen, to a little lady with a sense of humor and personality.
She's beautiful and smart, funny and cute. I can sometimes imagine her as a teenager-- sweet and then 5 minutes later with a heavy dose of attitude.

I'm so glad that this little monkey has come into our life. It's been a joy to celebrate all of her accomplishments... From rolling over to walking to her very first word (Hi!). 

 She is really a light and a source of joy for everyone in the family-- Even Ishaan can't wait to see her first thing in the morning. 

I love you so much Amaani! With a cherry on top!


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