Monday, January 2, 2012


We put this sweater dress on Amaani, and she looked like such a little lady that I just had to take some pictures.

She looks like she's about to go off to work! Well... minus her hair.

Thankfully her hair is too short to put into pigtails... I'm going to be so sad when we stop using the 'unicorn' look on her. 

Amaani's latest talent is waving 'hi'. Lately she's even been saying the word (sort of)! So her first word is 'hi'.

After work, you just have to get down and dance...

Since a picture just doesnt do justice, Kartik took this video:

And I just had to put this last picture in here... Amaani sticks out her tongue whenever she's concentrating really, really hard....

... just like her mom. :) 


  1. I was going to say that! She is just like you palak… even her dancing moves are similar :)

  2. she does look like such a little lady!! love the hair!


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