Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Merry Little Christmas

I was super excited for this christmas with teh kids. Ishaan is old enough to (sort of) understand what is going on, and Amaani is at least old enough to enjoy the gifts.

Ishaan did have a little trouble understanding that you were actually supposed to *open* the gifts. He walked around with these two little bags for quite some time before looking inside. 

 Amaani picked the biggest box right away though-- go big or go home! She started tearing little quarter sized peices of paper off. By the way, Layla and Maya thanks for these cute little 'jammies!

Eventually, Ishaan figured it out.

The kids loved all the excitement, attention, and of course, the presents!

And, we absolutely loved it too. It was so much fun watching them have so much fun. :) I'm already planning for next year!

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