Friday, February 17, 2012

Flashback Friday: Chanda Puri

One of the highlights of January was seeing Ishaan and Amaani meet my dad's parents for the first time. It's not everyday that you get to meet your great grandkids!

The kids had a great time with 'Ba' and 'Kakadada'. Amaani and Ishaan were wearing me out that week, so Kartik took the kids there during the weekday evenings. The kids had a blast-- (and so did Kartik; Ba and Mommy are awesome cooks!)

Their visit was short, but they packed a lot in!

Ishaan took Ba and Dada out for Tex-Mex.

And Amaani tought Kaka Dada how to text message. 

It looks like he got it!

But the thing that really stuck with the kids was the little game chanda puri! Amaani just loved and loved that game.

Now, in the early morning hours when I'm pretending to be asleep and Amaani is clearly not going back to sleep; I can hear Amaani singing chanda puri to herself. Of course, when she does it it sounds like, "gibrish-gibrish-nonsense-lalalala-AAAAPAAA!" with all the hand motions included.

I will never get a video of it, because I'm trying so hard to keep sleeping! We did, however, get this cute video of Ishaan playing with Amaani a few days after Ba and Kakadada left.

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  1. aw i love watching them play nicely with each other, ishu is growing up to be a big brother!


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