Friday, February 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Mall Edition!

I'm so behind on posting that Kartik has been threatening (justifiably) to start emailing people pictures instead of telling them to check the blog! *Gasp* I attribute it to turning the big three-oh. I'm just moving slower in my old age :(.

I'm going to be posting some older pictures that somehow never made their way up after the holidays on Fridays. Starting with some pictures of when Kartik's mom was here over the break.

And when I say break, I mean a break for me. One of the huge downsides of my "job" is having very few sick days; pto; or vacation days. Now that the kids (especially Ishu) are so comfortable with Kartik's mom, that I can get a solid few hours during the day.

When Kartik had some time off all four of them went to the mall and a grand old time!

The kids are already looking forward to another visit in a few weeks!


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