Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Uttarayana

One of the few Indian holiday's that I've actually been able to celebrate in India is Uttarayana. It's a kite festival and absolutely gorgeous. It's one of the few that follow the solar calendar, so it's on the same date each year (January 14th).  This year we took both the kids out with a few kites from the Indian store.

Most of the time when celebrating something like this for the first time with the kiddos, we are excited to see how they do

 I have to admit, that with this, I was most excited to watch Kartik. He had such a good time! I could just imagine him as a small child!


Kartik is obviously the most experienced kite flyer among us, so he was the only one able to get his kite in the air. (He did let Ishu hold the string, though).

 Amaani was our official line detangler.

And tangler :).

With a little luck, he finally got the kite up there! 
Amaani, where is the kite?


Although I'm terrible at flying kites, I did have a blast making a few this year-- (that's another post). We will definitely not wait until next year to go out again! I need the practice!


  1. Kartik was very good at flying kites...him and bhailu would be the first ones on the terrace on uttarayan and the last ones to come back down! They would give me their kites which r up in the air to hold for some time...but most of the time i used to hold their threads/ was sooo much fun! Kartik needs to go back to India in Jan and do it all over again!

    Btw..good to see both kiddos getting a first hand experience at kite flying. Amaani is such a sport :-)

  2. i agree this is one of the coolest holidays! and the most competitive! i think mommy and kartik should have a kite flying match!


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