Sunday, April 22, 2012

More cuteness in your inbox! Muir woods!

 This is our 100'th post! I can't believe it!

Right before we headed down to the wedding festivities, we went to Muir woods.

The park is incredibly kid friendly; we didn't realize that we'd be able to take strollers in, so we ended  up lifting the kids for most of the hike.

 Especially the little one.

We almost didn't go; but I'm so glad we did. It really is amazing to see those big tall trees. Even Ishaan and Amaani could appreciate how beautiful they were. If anyone else is going to SF, I really recommend going-- it's not far at all from the city.

Obviously, Kartik is really excited :).  I think he was making fun of Amaani in this picture.

These are a few pictures that Kartik's picked out as favorites!


  1. such great pictures!! kids look like they are having alot of fun :)

  2. I love the pics that kartik picked out, sooo cute!! that amaani is adorable, ishaan too (of course)!

  3. I recently learned California has a place called Muir Woods. I need to visit sometime. Love the pictures, as always :)


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