Sunday, April 15, 2012

World's Best Host

I'm going to indulge myself this week with way too many photo's of our California vacation.

It was a super fun 8 days, but it's taken us this entire weekend to recover! The night before we left was one of the worst in our parenting history-- both kids took turns running temps well into the 100's, and neither Kartik or I (or my mom, for that matter) got a lick of sleep.

After our flights were delayed, making a long day oh so much longer, we were so, so, so very excited to see my baby brother Ronak.

We picked him up from his work place, and he drove us into the city, got us situated into our hotel, and even parked our car for us. I can't believe he's grown up to be such a good host! We so needed the break!

The next day, we got an early start sight seeing.  We got to use our new double that we bought just for the trip. (You know how much I love a good stroller!)
Ronak had booked a wonderful hotel, which, among other things, had the most amazing elevator.

Here's the view!

The kids had fun hanging out at Union Square.


 From there, we headed into China town and found a wonderful playground to hang out in.

Awww... look at them holding hands!


We took a break from sightseeing to have lunch with Ronak.

And then we were off to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square! (More photos of that tomorrow. Betcha can't wait!)


  1. LOL I have been to a park in china town (or maybe the same one) during the afternoon. did you see the old asian men fighting and gambling their lives away in the middle of the streets????! Haha. love today's post, post more alreadyyyyy!

  2. Palak skipped over the part that World's Best Host also made a stop for diapers and milk for the kiddos and after getting us settled in took 30 min train ride home so that he can finish few reports for his work before going to sleep.

    Ronak bhaiya thanks for all your help. We had a good time in SF.

  3. aww such a great post!!!! ronak mama also let aneel and I crash on his couch for an afternoon nap! you shouldnt have treated us this well because now we will be back!

    palak - great pictures


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