Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World's Best Sundae!

Since we didn't know how the kids were going to do, we decided to cram as much site seeing as we could into one day. Before we had left, I had show Ishaan photos of the seals and sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf, so we definitely wanted to go there.

But when we got there, some how Ishaan couldn't actually recognize the sea lions. I'd point them out over and over, but when I asked if he saw them, he'd just say 'nope'. How can you get a toddler to see something right in front of their face? 

After that we headed over to Ghirardelli Square. It was a wonderful place to hang out with the kids-- We even got to hear a show chior!

We let the kids run around in the garden.

And finished up with the worlds most amazing sundae from the ice cream shop!

I think that was Amaani's favorite part.

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