Monday, May 7, 2012

Mama Made: Pillow Cases

In an effort to encourage both kids to actually sleep in their own beds, I made a few flannel pillow cases.

I used this tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt company.  I fudged the measurements a bit to use scraps I had laying around, and added real piping on Ishaan's pillow; instead of the faux piping shown in the video.

Both kids love their pillows, but don't like the camera today, so no pictures of them. Here is a close up of Bob. 
 And Amaani's flowers, fake piping and contrast band.(These colors are so her!) Who knew my daughter would love pink so much!

So far no go on the sleeping by themselves, and these pillows have taken up residence in our living room amongst the rest of the kids play things.

The tutorial worked fairly well for Amaani's pillow, but not so much for sandwiching the piping for Ishaan's pillow. Ishaan requested the pillow in the evening (he spied the fabric but it wasn't enough for a blanket). I was sure that I'd have it done by bed time. I ended up sewing the piping in twice, and still had a hole in it by the time I was done. Luckily, (insert eye roll here) Ishaan didn't go to sleep until midnight, so nothing lost.

I think I will make more of these, though (but follow the directions exactly, next time).

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  1. wow these are so cute! not that i need any incentive to sleep but i want one!


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