Friday, July 20, 2012

A Fort!

Sorry for the late post everyone! Last week the kids were doing their best to get on my nerves. I took a page from my mom's play book and made them a little fort.

I have fond memeries of playing with my sister under tables and chairs...

We also used to play 'ship' where we'd pretend her bed was a boat. We'd throw our stuffed animals overboard and then rescue them.
Amaani's sense of imagination isn't well developed yet- luckily Ishaan's imagination is wild enough for both of them.
They dinosaur cave, or garden, or pretend they are running a drive through. Somehow playing under the canopy is soooo much more fun than just playing . It was tempting to use this time of quiet and giggles to 'get something done'. But then these sweet faces looked at me, and I was hooked.
  We played house until nap time.
It was the best use of my time.

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