Monday, August 13, 2012

My Pants Are Trying to Kill Me

I'm sure you think I"m exaggerating, but I"m not. The other day when I was running around getting everything ready for our rakhi ceremony, my jeans pushed me down the stairs.
The view when you are walking dowstairs

Well... maybe they didn't push me, but they were long enough to to cause me to trip and crash into our bottom of the stairs baby gate.
The view from the floor.

I'm fine (well, a I was a little sore and embarrassed); but something had to be done about those homicidal jeans.

I'm short and love the clearance racks, which means I often come home with pants that are too long with plans to hem them up. I normally use the pinch hem (tutorial from Thinking In Shapes) method for jeans because you can't tell they've been hemmed at all. 

But this particular pair of jeans had a wide flare, and I had to take a lot off the bottom. Pinching was not possible.


This time I just measured how much to take off, subtracted my hem amount, and marked roughly with chalk

I serged along that line, then turned it up twice and topstitched. I didn't even have to cut them!
Voila, the jeans have been rehabilitated and are fit to become a contributing member in my wardrobe once more. The whole process took about 15 minutes--- so worth it!

A pinch hem would look better, though.

Does anyone know an easy way to shorten jeans with a wide flare but still keep the original hem? I'd love to know!

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