Friday, August 10, 2012

Our Rakhi-- 2012

Finally, pictures are here!

We ended up doing Rakhi on Friday instead of Thursday. Both kids were feeling pretty silly by Friday afternoon.

We moved some of the furniture around and pulled all the toys out of the playroom so we could have a blank wall to take pictures against. I found myself wondering whether it was worth it-- the ceremony lasts 10 minutes if you stretch it out. But when Ishu came downstairs he was so excited. "This is beautiful! Is this for jai-jai?" he asked me. No, sweet pea, its all for you.  :)

Amaani wore a mini-sari given to her by Mina Foi. From the side it looks like a real sari! This is definitely on  my list of things to sew (maybe for next year).
This year the ceremony went very quickly since both kids under stood a bit more.

The sweets were made by my grandma.
And finally the Rakhi is on! Ishaan did so well this year! 
Kartik took Ishaan to Build-A-Bear to make Amaani's gift. He stuffed it and put two hearts inside.
She's been sleeping with it ever since. 

Even though the sibling affection in our house sometimes get's thrown to the wayside for first dibs at the slides and the latest toy, I'm so glad that we have this holiday to celebrate the most lasting relationship of our lives.  

I hope you had a great Rakhi too! 


  1. What a sweet way to start my morning, seeing all the love and all the effort you two put into celebrating Rakhi with the kiddos!

  2. We had a great Rakhi too, ty :) Adorable Kids, Adorable family!

    1. I'm so glad you had a good Rakhi! Checked out your blog, your kids are adorable!


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