Friday, August 31, 2012

RR:YYSerger Series Wrap up and Friday Fun

Are you looking for the Relationship Rescue: You and Your Serger Series Wrap up post? Check it out a Make it Handmade.

Now onto our friday fun! Kartik often wonders why I shlep my camera with me most places. I wish I could say that I was preserving our memories or something noble like that, but the truth is-- I get bored watching the kids play.

I can't talk on the phone because the kids will want to talk (and generally everyone want to talk to them too, so I'm back to square one).

And my phone doesn't have internet or games, or anything else.

But when I have my camera, the kids will avoid me happily, and for me, it's a game to try and get good pictures.

These pictures were taken last Wenesday in our front yard. I remember that Amaani was sleeping, and Ishaan and I were bored, bored, bored.

We decide to go outside and wait for the mail. In other words, waste time. At the time I was probably a little irritated, a bit tired, and wanting to go inside.

But when I look at these picture all I can remember are his smiles, laughter, and endless jibber jabber about dinosaurs! I remember tickling him, giggling, and trading dinosaur facts. I know we both came inside, mail in hand, with smiles on our faces.

I can't think of a better waste of time :).

I hope you all waste a little time with your loved ones this long weekend! See you next week!

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