Monday, August 20, 2012

Sheet Music Dress

Amaani is at an odd size (at least in sewing patterns). Baby clothes seem too babyish for her but most girl's dress patterns start at a size 3.
I was so excited to find that some simplicity/new look dress patterns start at a size 1/2. I whipped up this cute number a few weeks ago.

The pattern is New Look 6974, just like the cotton candy dress. I just love the little details!

Like the gathered straps...
The godets... 

And the little bow in the back. 
The pattern is cheap and easy to find (I got mine at walmart *cringe*).  I'm not actually sure where the fabric came from and I can't help but wonder what song is on it! It makes a great play dress, though. I'm hoping to make another before she grows out of this size.


  1. Love your kids and the tutorials. I'm not feeling comfortable with my serger, so I'm enjoying your help.

  2. Cindy I like them too :)! I'm so glad the tutorials are helpful to you!


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