Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

I know we already had a sneak peek of these pictures last week; but it's a holiday!

 Amaani has been obsessed with shoes lately. She'll where whichever she can find mine, grandma's, even Ishaan's if she can get a hold of them.
Of course, my heart just melted when she put mine on. Obviously she wants to grow up to be just like me; messy hair and all.
 She even sticks out her little tounge when she's concentrating really, really hard.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed these past few weeks with getting the new site set up and running. It didn't quite occur to me that I wouldn't be able to keep posting at both blogs 3 times a week like I'd hoped. (at least for the next little bit). What do you all think? What's your favorite day for posts?


  1. I get your posts delivered right to my email, so any day works for me ;)

  2. Amaani is SOOOOOO CUTE. Please cuddle her ton loads for me :) btw, Google tee ? kool !

    1. I know-- I love that little t-shirt too! It's a hand me down from her brother.


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